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10.05.2011 13:04

We already wrote about the sad beginning of the season for motorcyclists.

There were a number of accidents, including fatalities. In addition, bikers literally terrorize the hijackers.

Today, the official statistics of the hijacking of traffic police got a motorcycle «HYOSUNG» (2009 onwards, red, r / n AA6621AA). He was kidnapped by the owner in Darnitskiy area.

This is while the third reported case this year. April 2 bike of the same popular South Korean brand has been hijacked in the Dnieper area (2007 onwards, orange, r/n AA7869AA), and April 26 in Desnyanskiy area declared wanted by motorcycle «ZS 125" (2008, RV and blue number AA6732AA)

Motorcycles and scooters are much easier to steal than a car. Even though the signaling and mechanical interlocks, the owners advised not to dismiss his "iron friend" unattended. Most often the thieves used a van in which just load the bike.