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28.04.2011 12:20

According to police Holoseievski district arrested two men who drove only cars "Lexus" and "Toyota Prado". Male 29 years old, and 41, confessed to the three stealings in Goloseyevsky area, and two - in Desnyanskiy.

Criminals operate at night. Autopsied avtomombili using equipment bought on the Internet, which could scan at a distance signaling. Track your car and scanned the vehicle safety device, the hijackers were autopsied car. Cheerleader with help of master key and left.
Cars removed in Kyiv region in rented premises, where for 3 days and changed and interrupted numbers of vehicles. Further cars sold through intermediaries in the neighboring regions of Ukraine. Was also worked out the scheme on the stretch of vehicles in other regions of Ukraine. Ahead, at a distance of 2-3km, driving one of the hijackers on their personal cars, which tracks the positions of traffic police and reported the second.

Hijackers could face up to 13 years in prison.