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22.04.2011 10:00

Total in Ukraine recorded 65 accidents in which 12 people were killed and 67 injured
In Kiev, traffic police found 708 violations of traffic rules, of which the most typical:

  • Speeding - 248,
  • Creation of an emergency - 6,
  • Management of alcohol - 28,
  • Violation of the rules of roundabouts - 41.

During the day, registered 3 accident victims, in which 3 people were injured.

Hijackings of vehicles have been reported.

GAI traffic police inspectors Regiment found the car «Peugeot 407", is being sought. Also arrested driver of car «Ford Escort», who was wanted by law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Man taken to rayupravleniya police.

Accident statistics in Kyiv compiled from the information department of public relations UGAI Kiev.

Web cam project "VIDEOPROBKI" recorded three accidents