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20.04.2011 13:07

Gosavtoinspektsiya of Kyiv informs that from 18 to 24 April and from April 27 to May 1, 2011 to areas related to the construction of check on rail and road bridge from the bridge "Paton" will be limited movement of vehicles.

Namely Adjacent to Prospect Capital Science Highway (Holosiivskyi area), performed construction and installation work on the construction of interchange at different levels. In this regard, temporarily impeded passage of transport in the area of ​​construction on the Metropolitan Highway, so traffic was transferred to local passages around the building.

To reduce zatorovyh situations in the construction of the Metropolitan Highway oblashtuvano two spreads are within regulated. First on the highway near the capital, leaving Chapaiev (railway bridge) on which moving on the street. Str arranged by the center spread of light regulation, and the second in the Metropolitan Highway stations "Lukoil", moving on reconstructed local travel arranged spread of light regulation of transport in the direction of Avenue of Science.

In addition, to ensure traffic safety at the venue construction, on Prospect Adjacent to the Capital Science highway installed temporary traffic signs, warning signs of a temporary traffic around construction, road marking affixed, installed devices fences with red lanterns in the dark .