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22.03.2011 10:43

For Twitter’s users VIDEOPROBKI started

traffic jam channel. On our Twitter, you find local news and updates, traffic and weather reports, as well as latest car crashes. All this information is available all day, and reaches you as well as the many Twitter users immediately.

VIDEOPROBKI’s user comments:

“Had I checked my Twitter before taking the Patona Bridge to work, I would have known that there was a humongous traffic jam and perhaps I would have taken an alternative route. Sadly, I only had time to check Twitter when it was too late. I made a vow to never neglect my dear Twitter, and to always consult with it before I embark on any ride. Lately, we have shared quite a bond together, Twitter and I. Being on Twitter is like having its millions of users across Ukraine work as your personal secretary, always keeping me in the know. Consulting my smart phone has become a habit, a reflex. My hand automatically reaches for the phone every now and then to check Twitter updates. "Avoid Airport road; ridiculous traffic jam," reads one tweet. Another updates me on the latest decisions made by the Cabinet: 'Cabinet approves pay raises,' and another tweet keeps me in the know on the latest car crashes and major traffic jam due to series of these accidents. Twit me this, twit me that…” Twitter, a social networking website that has been on the scene for years, still raises questions of many not-tech-savvy friends and family members who are easily intimidated by new technologies. I find that the website with its cute blue-bird logo closer to conventional text messaging. It is easier to use and much more user friendly than many of its blogging and social networking competitors. Twitter defines itself as a micro-blogging service. It is free of charge and can be used via various devices. On your computer screen, you can use Twitter through your web browser or using any of a number of programs developed for Twitter by independent developers known as Twitter clients. Smart phones like iPhone have clients (also known as applications or more colloquially: Apps) especially designed for Twitter. Some other brand phones also have special Twitter clients, and even if there are no clients for Twitter for your mobile phone, you can still use Twitter via your mobile phone browser. If you log in from your browser to Twitter, the website will direct you to a light-version of Twitter that is faster and easier to view on a mobile phone.