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27.01.2011 13:02
At the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)was demonstrated the “future of in-vehicle entertainment”. 
It was shown what could be possible by dropping a high-speed Internet connection into a car:
  1. Vehicle Monitoring – Parked in a bad neighborhood? Monitor what’s going on with your ride from your smartphone or PC.
  2. Impact Detection – You’re in the club and someone just hit your car in the parking lot. You know this because your car sent you a video of the offender.
  3. Voice Portal – Call up YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, and music via Verizon VCAST on your in-vehicle display. Watch the road, though.
  4. Home monitoring and control – Forgot to turn off the AC? No need to turn around, do it from your car. Check the security cameras when away as well.
  5. Video chat – Oh, you thought you were doing it big using your car as a bluetooth headset?
  6. Watch live video from street webcams to avoid traffic jam.
News category: Road news