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19.01.2011 14:35
In our news, we published the information on new projects in 2011 which are directed on reduction of quantity of traffic jams in Kiev. And it is time to remember that us expects this year.
According to city administration, this year completely will start the Darnitsky bridge on which in December automobile movement from the Left Bank has been started. Also will construct exit from the bridge to the left, over Naddneprjansky, towards to Saperno-Slobodsky and Moscow Square. We expect the end of building of the Zhuljansky bridge with which have expanded from four lanes to eight. From there it will be possible to pass to the Darnitsky bridge, thus the Ring road considerably will unload. It is planned to construct new road from Krasnozvezdny avenue to airport "Zhuliany" and to repare Peremogi avenue, Bazhana avenue, Vossoedinenia avenue (from bridge Patona to the Leningradskaya Square), Gorkiy Street. In case of reconstruction of these roads, we are expected by difficulty in journey thorough ones and considerable jams. Building of eight parkings on entrances to capital and near the underground stations, and also nine multilevel parkings is planned. It becomes that people could leave the car and avoid traffic jams. It is necessary to hope that these actions will solve to some extent a problem of jams.
News category: Road news