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19.12.2010 23:06
The Kiev journalists more than once tried to find the most emergency place in a city. But to any comparison with offered variants there is no this "godforsaken place". 
Street сams fix constant road accidents on an automobile intersection of the prospectus of Heroes of Stalingrada and Moskovsky prospectus. Any enigmatically on the same place, under the same scenario there regularly there are failures. Only for last month there were 18 road accidents.
When road accident occurs once, it is a special case. When in the same place the second time, – coincidence. The failure repeated three times within week, sets thinking – whether to check up a geomagnetic background of district? Perhaps underground – any break of a bark? Or here absolutely other forces have interfered? After all failures occur and occur, and they don't have the end. 
At first sight – a usual intersection. Certainly, it is possible to complain of absence of exits – special expansions that the cars leaving on the basic highway, could rise in a reserve lane, thus without creating hindrances for cars which go directly. 
Most drivers even more often stop even on the main road – just in case. But also it is much doesn't help, the most widespread here failure when the with braked car catch up in a back bumper.