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01.12.2010 13:02
As we promised VIDEOPROBKI continue the publication of the analytical materials on road traffic in Kiev.
Certainly, using the same route of movement like home-work-home the driver knows problem roads, and it seems to him that these roads – most problem in a city. Being engaged in whole day monitoring of roads to us the all picture is visible. On the basis of last data the rating of the most loaded roads in morning and evening hours, per the working days is made. "Honourable" first place and in the morning and in the evening is Karavaevy Dachi, for which to get free movement in general is a rarity during the day (especially problem is left turn from Getmana on Umanskaya Street). 
In general, among difficult roads for movement, it is necessary to note also the Pochtovaya Square. There traffic jams are a rule, even in the afternoon.
We also have tried to specify the reason of jams though you can have own opinion. Totally, the new roads, the automated traffic lights, fast reaction of GAI to road accident are necessary. Now in Moscow actively try to solve a problem of jams, there are plans. Probably, it is necessary to use another's experience "not to walk twice into the same water". And at building of new skyscrapers, especially in the center not to forget about parking spaces and roads. We are assured that the city authorities know all these problems and also necessary measures are already accepted