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23.08.2013 11:23

Work on the reconstruction Peremohy avenue in the capital continues.

For this reason, on Friday, August 23, the movement of vehicles from the avenue Akademika Palladina to the Svyatoshyno will be limited to 4 lanes. During the day at the site of work will be carried out on the device of the top layer of asphalt pavement.

Also from Saturday, August 24, will be limited to the movement of vehicles on the second half of the overpass at the intersection Peremohy avenue from Avenue Akademika Palladina. In particular, the motion will be limited to 4 lanes in the direction out of town. Repair work at the site will continue until September 10.

We ask drivers to be understanding of lag and if possible to choose other routes.
All restrictions in the movement see traffic events on the map.