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08.07.2013 17:30

The renovation of Peremohy Avenue in the area from the street Ivana Kramskoho to overpass Svyatoshyn.

Workers have completed the section from the entrance to the capital city to the street Ivana Kramskoho. Is now going to repair the metro station "Svyatoshyn." Already dismantled curb.

Photos of road works.
проспект Победы

проспект Победы ремонт

Towards the center of restricted movement in the right lane.

Video from webcams on the overpass near the station Svyatoshyn.


In both areas, partly restricted traffic in the area Blvd Akademika Vernadskoho.

Video from webcams:


Further plans to renovate and expand the bridge near the station "Svyatoshyn" - add one lane on each side.