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12.06.2012 15:01

Interior Ministry has opened operational headquarters of Euro 2012.

The operational headquarters of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which will serve as the interagency "think tank" and will be responsible for maintaining law and order in the country during Euro 2012, was presented in Kyiv on Thursday, June 7.

In particular, information relating to Euro-2012, comes from the regions around the clock. In police reports, status information of the rule of law in the host cities, extraordinary events that took place during the day, as well as on the activities scheduled to take place in the sporting event.

Thanks to modern equipment, law enforcement officers have the opportunity to watch on monitors the state of law and order at the same time in all host cities.

Police officers will be watching the official fan zone tournament,  area around the sports facilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lviv, and the most crowded places in these cities. In the capital, for example, such information keep tracking of about 100 webcams.

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