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01.08.2011 11:17

Interesting shots were recorded by our web cameras on the Boulevard Perov.

The car, moving from the Prospect Generala Vatutina evaded prosecution of GAI and disappeared, turning into the street Suleiman Stal'skii.

Recall the drivers a few articles which could be fined for violations that we see in this story:

  • speeding - (Art. 122, part 1) a fine from 255 to 340grn
  • violation of the rules of roundabouts - a fine of 425 to 510grn
  • running by red light - (Art. 122, part 3) a fine from 510 to 680grn or community service for a period of 30-40 hours
  • failure to comply with demands to stop - a fine of 153 to 187grn or forfeit a vehicle control for 3-6 months

Sanctions in the form of deprivation on driving, administrative detention, community service and pay-seizure vehicle violators of traffic rules are applied only by court order.