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11.07.2011 15:17

On Saturday at about 15:30 near the intersection with street street Teligi Kopylovskii because of heavy rain had damaged the network engineering.

As a result, there was a failure of the roadway. It got a truck that was moving in the direction of Petrovka Shulyavka. Only through a happy coincidence nobody was hurt. However, the traffic from the very Troyeshchyna uslozhnilosya. Also had to stop all the trolley routes passing through this highway.

The need to address the causes of the accident it was decided to completely stop the movement of all modes of transport to the site of injury to the roadway on July 10 before completing the work.

In this regard, encourages drivers to traffic police on the possibility to refrain from traveling to the area of ​​the above mentioned places. Already organized public transport through the streets of St. Peter and Paul and Frunze, and drivers of other vehicles moving from Troyeshchina, we recommend using the boulevard Perov, Bratislava and on the street Brovary prospectus. Residents advised to move Obolon GAI streets Heroes of Stalingrad, Naberezhnye Rybalskaya and electricians. You can drive around the place works and street New Konstantinovskaya and Frunze. In places where the movement to change the organization of traffic police exposed to wear. The request to all drivers to comply with the requirements of temporary road signs.