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04.07.2011 10:42

The first month of summer in Kyiv turned out to be a little less alert, as compared with the previous ones.

But, still, a leader in the number of accidents remains isolated on Heroes of Stalingrad. It was here, during June, the webcam project Videoprobki recorded 17 road traffic accidents. Namomnim, in May there were 18 accidents. The causes of these accidents are different, but in most cases it is insufficient distance. We recommend to see the archive of accidents, so as not to repeat the mistakes of others.

The remaining sections of road accident, which occurred in June, many accidents, as follows:

  • second place is still in the street convention Novokonstantinovskaya on Moscow Avenue - 10 accidents. In May, here recorded eight traffic accidents;
  • the third interchange at Povitroflotskiy bridge, where there has been seven accidents.

We have already mentioned that all of these road sections are very uncomfortable congresses, without overclocking strips. It is hoped only care for drivers