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16.06.2011 14:59

Stretches of road in Kiev are difficult to move because of planned maintenance work:

- on Bolshaya Vasylkivska street (Chervonoarmiyska) is shifted pavers, dub it to be right up to the square of Lev Tolstoy. In this regard, two lanes blocked. Also on this street until it intersects with Fizkulturna street will change the asphalt on the pavement, repair the passage near the metro station and replace the lighting poles. Complete the plan before September 1. Bypass this area can be on the street Bozhenko street, Tarasovskaya and Korolenkivs'ka.

- on the boulevard Shevchenko next few weeks it will be possible to pass only one lane - the middle. The leftmost band dug, there are paving the communication. And on the right lane most of the time parked vehicles. After the installation of communications, "Kievavtodor" will start the reconstruction of the boulevard. Plans to lay new asphalt, replace lights and restore the fence. Bypass boulevard Shevchenko may be on the street of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, and Lev Tolstoy.

- the reconstruction of the traffic circle on the right bank near the Metro Bridge. This year's plan to build a trestle bridge left Congress with Metro in the direction of the bridge Paton. At the moment, opened to traffic on three lanes in the direction of the Postal Square, and two in the bridge Paton.

- under construction traffic interchange at the intersection of Nauki Avenue and the Stolichne highway. Complete the work plan this fall. This interchange will provide full transit traffic on the Stolichne highway in both directions. Currently holds temporary arrangement of bypass roads in both directions with the application of markings and traffic regulation.