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08.06.2011 16:58

Many worried about the traffic situation, and during the European Football Championship cars on the roads of the capital will be even greater.

How to deal with such traffic? How to avoid traffic jams? In the management of traffic police have ideas that they implement.

During the Euro 2012 this issue will receive particular attention. In each host city will be established mobile groups that include traffic police, repair services, tow trucks and representatives of insurance companies. These teams will be placed so as to have time to get to the accident scene not more than 10 minutes.

Also in September, will enter law evroprotokolah. This will give participants an opportunity to draw traffic by a traffic accident without the presence of traffic police officers of the State. This protocol will be up, if not injured and dead people, and as if all parties agree to an accident caused the accident and insured.

Example of how the drivers themselves to resolve the situation: